Restore your Marriage in as little as 2 months

Over a period of 8 weeks, Christian marriage counselor and and relationship coach, Erika Botha, will counsel and coach you to completely transform your marriage.

Is This You?

  • We can not agree on anything
  • Communication is non-existent
  • He/she cheated on me 
  • I don’t trust him/her anymore
  • We cannot be nice to each other anymore

An 8-Week Solution to Revitalize Your Marriage

In just 2 short months, I will counsel and coach you to tear down the barriers blocking you from achieving the marriage you’ve always wanted.

  • Resolve ALL current issues
  • Learn and Practice essential marriage skills, like effective and honest communication, active listening, conflict resolution, perception-checking, forgiveness, and how to have fun together. 
  • Embrace what makes you different and learn new, healthier ways to engage with your spouse for maximum benefit.
  • Rediscover emotional and sexual intimacy
  • Acknowledge, understand, and overcome the harmful effects of our less-than-desirable characteristics, like self-sabotage, jealousy, narcissism, anger, selfishness, and many more. 

Hi, I'm Erika

For almost 20 years I have been providing Christian marriage counselling and coaching to couples who have faced every challenge possible, be it: 

  • infidelity,
  • illness,
  • trauma,
  • financial stressors,
  • parents in-law
  • or simply just not getting along. 

My motivation is knowing that intense, pure love is at the heart of each and every one of those marriages and that by making simple changes and following a few Biblical principles, love can be restored to greatness and made even better than before.

Dreams do come true. I know this, I’ve seen it happen with my clients, and I’ve made it happen for myself.

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What People say


Erika got our relationship back on track. She taught us how to communicate properly and she helped us sort through our problems in a loving way. This was a great retreat. I will definitely recommend her. Thank you Erika.


Erika was very helpful in figuring out what we needed as a couple to have a better stronger relationship.


Erika is a very kind hearted, but to the point person, with wisdom & experience beyond her years. Every single cent & second spent was worth it double.


Erika was very professional and kind. Listened and knew what our problems were and gave us proper advice to help our future together.


Erika has shown us a great plan for the future, she has given us taste to complete as well as plans to keep us accountable.


Because of Erika and her coaching, we are once more excited for our future together as husband and wife.


I was very impressed with her results and information. I'm very pleased with our weekend session. Thank you.


Erika really does care about you, and only wants what's best for the both of us. She has so many tools that helped us grow as a couple.


Only after a few sessions with Erika it was evident that our marriage was saveable and we only needed the guidance of a professional, teaching us the correct tools to communicate our feelings, wants and needs better.

Finding Connection As You Face Challenges 

Does any of the following sound familiar?

  • Are you feeling distant?
  • No longer enjoying shared interests or activities together.
  • No longer talking about life goals and your future together.
  • Having the same argument over and over again
  • Little to no desire for sex
  • Coping with a significant violation of trust, such as a sexual or emotional affair.

Many couples report feeling:

  • Loneliness
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Constant worries
  • Anger
  • Guilt
  • Jealousy
  • Irritability
  • Overwhelmed
  • Sadness

Let’s remove these burdens. You deserve to live in joy and happiness, and you need this ASAP.

8 Weeks Couples Counselling To Marriage Restoration

Over 8 weeks of online counselling sessions, I will create an individualized action plan that will support you and your spouse as a couple and individually as you move through the process of marital restoration.

Erika Botha’s Marriage Restoration Solution is designed for couples who need permanent results.

Completely private, comprehensive, and intensive, this solution covers 8 weeks of intense individual and couples counselling (meet sometimes twice a week)

You Can Have The Marriage You’ve Always Dreamed Of 

  • Build intimacy and strengthen your connection with practical communication techniques.
  • Embrace forgiveness and understanding to move past previous hurts.
  • Understand your and your spouse’s personality types, how they interact, and how to make the most of your unique characteristics.
  • How to better regulate your emotions and behaviours and learn how they affect your marriage.
  • Heal from traumatic childhood experiences so that they no longer impact your relationship.
  • Each program is customized to the couple and will be accompanied by a variety of valuable tools and resources specialized to your unique needs. 

This 8-week solution is a safe space where openness, transparency, and vulnerability are encouraged

Your past is part of your story, but it doesn’t define you. Most important is your future as a couple and the lifetime of happiness you will experience together. You will find no judgment, only compassionate acceptance of your past and a commitment to helping you grow together.

Your marriage can once again be full of peace, love, and joy. I’ve helped hundreds of couples, like yourselves, over my twenty years of practicing marriage & relationship coaching and counselling. Backed by my experience, extensive education, specialized training, and hundreds of happy couples, I am confident that I can revitalize your marriage and transform it into something of immense love, joy, and peace.

Happily-ever-after isn’t just for fairy tales

You can have a storybook romance, too, in just 8 weeks. Let me show you how.

What People say


If you are looking for a kind, caring, smart, brilliant, and encouraging coach, then look no further.  She is the best.  Thanks, Erika, for everything


To My Dear Wife:

... I'm so glad that we are working with Erika to strengthen our relationship. What a loss it would be to lose you ...


I'm excited about my future and I hope to continue to work with Erika. I enjoy Erika’s refreshing, uplifting and encouraging personality while she is busy-fine tuning my life.

This is how it works

Stage 1 - Learning to Communicate

The root of most relationship challenges is related to inadequate or ineffective communication. From unsatisfying sex to disagreements about money to parenting frustrations, communication is often the common denominator. 

There is good news - with a few simple techniques and strategies, you and your partner can improve multiple facets of your communication. Erika will teach you how so that you eliminate misunderstandings and miscommunications that devolve into arguments.

Beyond conflict resolution and avoiding unnecessary arguments, good communication is critical so that each partner feels valued, heard, and respected. Even in an argument, these ideals can and should be achieved. I will teach you this and more, like your individual communication styles and how they affect your relationship, unconscious biases that you carry, and unhelpful patterns stemming from your past. 

 You will be prepared to resolve past conflicts and move forward to forgiveness through a specific plan tailored to your personal communication needs and styles.  

 Once this stage is complete, you will have developed the communication skills critical to resolve marriage conflict. You will move forward with the ability and confidence to speak freely, honestly, and openly. 

After this stage is complete, you will...

  • Have a more comprehensive and nuanced understanding of yourself and your partner. 
  • Possess the critical skills needed to effectively and confidently communicate with your partner and how to best respond to their emotions, tendencies, and needs.
  • Reduce anxiety, frustration, and loneliness.
  • Reduce the chances of contributing to intergenerational trauma by fostering a healthy family environment instead of one of dysfunction.
  • Learn to avoid misunderstandings and miscommunications.
  • Alter your perception of conflict, viewing it as an opportunity for growth instead of something to fear.
  • Have a strengthened relationship with more profound emotional closeness, intimacy, and trust. 
  • Reap the benefits of honest and open communication. 
  • Feel your love reignite - feel close again to each other

Stage 2 - Individual Counselling 

When we are free of our burdens, we can bring our best selves to our marriages, which benefit not just our happiness but the happiness of our spouse and family too. We unconsciously carry the burdens of our past, sometimes going back to childhood. These can result in unhealthy biases, preconceptions, thoughts, and behaviour patterns. 

In this stage, you will embark on a journey of self-discovery to create a greater understanding of who you are as a person and break down the barriers preventing you from being able to be the best version of yourself. We will work together to identify past events that significantly impact your marriage and learn different strategies to help build acceptance so that they no longer negatively impact it. 

In these sessions, we will celebrate all the unique factors that make you who you are. We will focus on creating manageable, positive changes that will serve to empower you and strengthen your marriage. 

After this stage, you can expect to...

  • Acknowledge past painful events, understand how they impact your relationships and learn acceptance strategies to prevent them from negatively affecting your marriage. 
  • Understand your and your spouse’s personality types, celebrate the areas you excel in, and learn techniques to overcome your shortcomings.
  • Identify your role in your marriage and how you can best contribute for maximum benefits.
  • Become motivated to embrace continuous self-improvement to benefit yourself and your family. 
  • Have a happier home life. Your children and spouse will now experience your true essence, unburdened with the unconscious pains of yesterday. 

Stage 3 - Couples counselling

Based on my understanding of you, your marriage, and your relationship pain points, I will then provide a neutral analysis of your relationship and prioritize goals. I will seek out and explain the factors that are causing strain in your relationship and work with you to resolve conflicts and move forward into a healthier and happier future. 

In this stage, I will...

  • Provide a comprehensive analysis of the external and internal factors contributing to your marital challenges, including those you don’t yet deem relevant. 
  • Guide you through the conflict resolution process in preparation for reconciliation.  
  • Foster open and honest communication by guiding the conversation, asking insightful questions, and removing communication barriers.  
  • Support and guide you through the process of reconciliation. 

After this stage, you will resolve issues such as:

  • Poor communication
  • Dissatisfaction with your sex life
  • Barriers to intimacy
  • Unhealthy biases and preconceptions impacting your marriage
  • Feelings of depersonalization resulting from failing to honour your individuality
  • Financial disagreements
  • Severe breaches of trust, including infidelity
  • Parenting challenges and discipline disagreements
  • 3rd party interference into your relationship (like relatives or friends)
  • Feelings of loneliness
  • Feelings of being unseen
  • Unresolved conflicts and the same arguments that you keep having
  • Living parallel lives, instead you will become interconnected again

Stage 4 - The Future

You did it! You’ve created the marriage you’ve always dreamed of. Your marriage is unlike anything you’ve experienced, unburdened by past hurts and based on a solid foundation of profound love, intimacy, respect, and understanding. You no longer dream of how things used to be - you have it now, and it's better than ever imagined. 

You are prepared for the future with a clear action plan to strengthen each facet of your marriage as you move forward united.. 

You will be prepared to face any challenge:

  • Emotionally
  • Financially
  • Sexually
  • Parenting Cohesively As A Unit

After this stage, you can expect to…

  • Enjoy the closeness and intimacy created with your newly restored trust.
  • Eliminate negative behaviours like selfishness, narcissism, and jealousy.
  • Learn to avoid dysfunctional dynamics and common pitfalls.
  • Communicate with openness, honesty, and transparency.
  • Stop blaming and finger-pointing.
  • Have a genuine understanding of your partner, their personality, desires, and needs.
  • Make decisions that benefit your relationship.
  • Have enhanced compassion for yourself and your partner.
  • Feel more connected and have more FUN together.
  • Have more fun together.
  • Enjoy greater intimacy.
  • Find comfort in the safety and security of knowing your marriage is forever.
  • Experience a profoundly deep, exhilarating, and beautiful love.

Imagine your marriage 8 weeks from now... 

  • You've grown to appreciate and honour each other, and you now consider your relationship your safe haven. 
  • You spend your nights joyously discussing your lives, hopes, and dreams, just like when you first fell in love.
  • Your connection with your partner has never been more profound and fulfilling.
  • Your marriage is a safe and liberating space where you both feel welcome, heard and understood.
  • You confront challenges as a united team, knowing that you will come out the other side stronger.
  • You laugh and smile more because you’re living your life to its fullest with your best friend.
  • The best part, as time goes on, your love will only deepen and become more euphoric.

Understanding Your Investment With Erika Botha’s Couples Counselling

First, you will get...

8-Week Online Marriage Restoration Solution

Designed by renowned relationship expert Erika Botha. This solution is entirely personalized and includes private, one-on-one counselling, coaching, and the communication workshop.

14 Sessions of intense focus on your individual problems and needs.

This program aids couples in emotional healing and conflict resolution and provides strategies for individualized growth as couples work towards marriage restoration and revitalization.

Then, I will provide...

Messaging Support for the full 8 weeks

Put your new skills to the test, and know that I am available should you need advice, have questions, or just want to have a check-in.


Bonus 1

Erika's Signature 4-week Communication course

Most people struggle with communication, it can be hard, especially as we all have our own set of biases and assumptions that guide our perceptions. As we know, poor communication is one of the quickest paths to conflict.

This course will help you master the skills needed to communicate effectively with your spouse and in a way that always makes each of you feel respected, heard, and understood.

Valued At $1,000

Bonus 2

Communication course workbook

As they say, practice makes perfect. Continue to refine and perfect your communication skills by working through a series of exercises that encourage thoughtful and productive communication with your partner. Learn about each other and how you interact as you watch your marriage grow stronger by the day.

Valued At $25

Bonus 3

Detailed evaluation of your marriage

Explore the nuances of your relationship with a comprehensive relationship assessment and needs analysis.

Through individual counselling and interviews, as well as a thorough examination of your marriage as a whole, I will provide a neutral assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of your relationship, the roles you play as individuals, and where attention is most urgently needed.

You will be given a clear vision of the best steps forward and the tools needed to create the relationship of your dream. 

Valued At $1,000

Bonus 4

Personality Assessment and Interpersonal Analysis

You and your spouse are both completely individual people outside of your marriage. Let’s celebrate that and explore what makes each of you who you are with a thorough assessment of your personality types and analysis of how these traits can be optimized to strengthen your marriage.

Valued At $1,000

Bonus 5

Five Love language analysis and Course

There are 5 general ways that people express and experience love in a romantic relationship, which are not necessarily obvious.

Failing to recognize these differences can result in feelings of hurt or resentment, despite actions coming from a place of deep love.

I will administer an assessment and provide analysis so that you both gain a better understanding of each other's expressions of love.

Valued At $500

Bonus 6

Blueprint for Sustainable Success

Maximize your success with a concrete action plan to guide your marriage into the future.

Goals that are not written down are wishes, and while wishes can often come true, it's more likely that you will achieve your dreams by prioritizing your marriage and consistently checking in to make sure it's staying on track. That way, you’ll be prepared to meet any challenge and strengthen your marriage in the process.

Valued At $1,000

Bonus 7

YOU+ME=US: Be Happy Together Forever, book by Erika Botha

It's important to remember that you are not alone in your marriage difficulties, these events are common. I experienced them myself, and I know how challenging it can be on a personal level, but I also know how intensely rewarding it can be to restore and repair your marriage. Let me inspire you with my personal story, from the brink of divorce to the happiest marriage that I ever thought possible.

Valued At $25

Bonus 8

The 21-Day journal to spoil your partner and create memorable experiences

Celebrate your spouse and your love with this journal to help you create new memories and strengthen your relationship. Everyday can be an exciting adventure full of fun and love, and you get to do it all with your best friend.

Valued At $10

Bonus 9

The 21-Day Journal of Interesting Questions to Get To Know Your Spouse Better

Enhance your emotional bonds and learn even more about your spouse with this book of thought-provoking questions that will provide new insights into the person you fell in love with. Whether you’ve been together for only a short while or a lifetime, there is nothing quite like the feeling of learning something new about your loved one.

Valued At $10

The total value of the bonuses alone is $4,570

but you can get it all for just


Live the marriage of your dream, forever.

Your happy marriage is so worth it.

100% money back Satisfaction Guaranteed

If unsatisfied, you can cancel before your third session and get 100% of your money back. There is nothing to lose but everything to gain.


Will my insurance cover your cost?

Most insurances cover life coaching services under the “wellness benefit.”

Do you coach in person or online?

I only do it online via zoom, but the marriage retreat is in person.

How long before we will experience change?

Immediately after the first session, if you do what I teach you.

Why an 8-week solution and not stand-alone sessions?

After coaching for nearly 20 years, I have come to the perfect amount of coaching sessions to sign you up for success in your marriage. This solution has a 98% success rate. The problem with booking stand-alone coaching sessions are:

  • You have to pay extra for the personality test and the communication workshop, which is an integral part of the solution.
  • When one of the partners gets upset, they stop coaching, but if you had paid upfront, couples tend to stick around till the end.
  • It is way more cost-effective. (Deduct the value of the communication workshop and the personality test, then it only costs you $100 per session)
  • Some counsellors make money by booking sessions with you forever. They do not take responsibility for getting results. Doing this solution with you, I know I only have 4 communication sessions and 10 coaching sessions to make your marriage work. (I’ve heard some people were in marriage counselling for two years.)

What does the 8-week solution include?

It includes many tools to help you get back to the intimacy that you long for in your marriage, but mainly it is:

  • The communication workshop (4 sessions),
  • The personality test and
  • 10 coaching sessions.

Our marriage is in a crisis. Is there a faster way to save my marriage?

Yes, book the 2-day retreat with me, and we can get you back on track in 2 days time.

My spouse does not want to attend the counselling with me, what can I do?

I only work with couples as with that, I have the best results. 

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