About Erika

Hi! I’m Erika, I help unhappy couples to revitalize their marriages.

For over 20 years I have been providing relationship coaching and counselling to couples who have faced every challenge possible.

Be it infidelity, illness, trauma, financial stressors, or simply just not getting along.

My motivation is knowing that intense, pure love is at the heart of each and every one of those relationships and that by making simple changes and following a few guiding principles, that love can be restored to greatness and made even better than before. 

Dreams do come true. I know this, I’ve seen it happen with my clients, and I’ve made it happen for myself. 

Today, I enjoy an immensely happy and fulfilling marriage with my husband, but it wasn’t always so.

I can help you to not repeat the mistakes I had made. Thinking back to my glamorous life of travelling, hanging out with top business people, country ambassadors and ministers, while managing companies, had contributed to me being disrespectful to my husband. The way I had spoken to him was surely not in a Godly manner.

I can teach you that it is not your husband’s job to make you happy. No, it is about two individually happy people spending time together, while having fun doing it. Two hearts that are in sync. My whole life rotated around my own happiness, not considering my husband’s needs.

At the early age of 21, I was a radio host for a Christian Radio station, doing the morning show with a listener count of 500k. At age 28 I was second in command of an international company. I have 2 full university degrees, (one in accounting the other in psychology), besides having a journalism diploma, interior design certificate and two life coaching certifications.

I had work success. My marriage, on the other side, was not that big of a success. My life was busy, can you relate? Business steals away time with my husband. I’ve learned how to be productive and not busy anymore.

My daughter was prematurely born at 29 weeks. Not knowing if she will survive added another layer of stress to my marriage. A traumatic experience like a spouse that lost his job or a family member getting cancer will put a lot of pressure on your marriage. I was stressed, overwhelmed, tired and mostly sad!

I’ve learned that I am way too small to handle the mess that was going on in my life. Physically and mentally, I was a mess. I had reached out to God. It took a while before He had shown up. He had waited for me to surrender. But when He did He gave me way more than what I could ever have hoped for.

This is me now

With the help of God and a Christian marriage counsellor, I've learned how to be a loving wife.

I’ve learned how to:

  • Communicate with kindness and love.
  • Respect my husband.
  • Be a good mom.
  • Handle money in a Godly manner.
  • Be me and be happy in and with myself.

God made a masterpiece out of my broken marriage. 

Since 2004 I teach couples one-on-one and at retreats on how prayer can change their marriages. I teach them how small changes can change their marriages. I equip them with the skills needed to be amazing spouses. 

Love each other unconditionally, be kind and forgive one another.

Today, I enjoy an immensely happy and fulfilling marriage with my husband, but it wasn’t always so.

I know now how to have a wonderful marriage.

I've written a book about our marriage journey to inspire others.

By resolving my relationship issues, everything else had fallen into place as well. My house is an organized haven for us as a family (we have three girls). Our financial situation is under control as we don't spend money anymore on "things" but rather on creating memories together. One of our family's trademarks is to have fun and laughs together.

We have a family motto that guides us daily, which is displayed in our house:

“Do The Possible And God Will Do The Impossible!”

I invite you to change your family's future by doing the possible

Your marriage is your most precious possession. If your love story isn’t going the way you dreamed, you have the power to rewrite it. I specialize in happily-ever-afters and I’d love to help.

How do you want your story to end?

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