10 Tips On How To Have A Fun Marriage

Marriage is a beautiful union between two people that should be valued and cherished. Although beautiful, marriage comes with responsibility and hard work. Here are tips to keep your marriage with your husband fun! 

  1. Make a list of activities to do togetherTake time together and figure out what activities you will enjoy together. It’s always important to get out of the house and quality time is a must. 
  2. Dress UpDressing up for your husband will keep them interested. No one wants to see the love of their life in sweatpants and t-shirts all the time. Dressing up will also make you feel good as well. 
  3. Create TraditionsCreate a ritual with your husband. It could be as simple as going out to a fancy restaurant every Saturday. It will give you both something to look forward to. 
  4. Find New FriendsIt’s important for your husband to be your best friend, but it is also important to have some space. Spending time with others will allow you to miss your husband more. Making the quality time together more special. 
  5. Physical IntimacyIt is always important to show your love through physical intimacy. Don’t forget to hold his hand, or kiss his cheek. 
  6. Be Each Other’s Number One FanAlways be excited when your husband comes home with good news. Small, or large, make time to celebrate. He will appreciate it and be excited to share all the good things that happen. Positive communication makes a fun marriage. 
  7. Send Love MessagesAlways remember to let them know how much you love them. They will appreciate it and you more.  
  8. Cook TogetherMake a fun time out of a chore. It will be fun to try a new recipe out together and enjoy the meal you both created.  
  9. Treat him like your best friendIt’s okay to not be serious all the time with your husband. Tell him the latest gossip at work, or about your day. These minor conversations lead to a more light-hearted relationship. 
  10. Game NightPlay a game together. It will take your mind off of your everyday stressors. 


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