5 Tips To Avoid Marriage Problems During The Holidays

British family lawyers call the first working Monday of the new year “Divorce Day”, when their phones ring off the hook. A 2012 analysis conducted by the U.S.-based site FindLaw.com found that Internet searches for “divorce” and related terms such as “child custody” jump 50 percent from December through January.

This joyous season is not so joyful for so many couples. Sadly it can be a time when couples argue the most, and small things can lead to out-of-control arguments.

Here Are 5 Tips On How To Make This Season More Joyous.

  1. Decide NOT TO ARGUE
    You don’t need drama over the holidays. That’s why you should refuse to argue with your spouse this Christmas. Don’t react when prompted. You really can do it if you want to. Find ways to stay calm, walk away if needed. Self-control is the keyword here. Everyone will have a happier and more enjoyable holiday if you do it.
    You become what you think about. The more negative, sad thoughts you have, the more unhappy you will become. Rather than focus on the negative, intentionally focus instead on your blessings. Don’t forget that no matter what happens now, next year is sure to be better.
  3. Make some TIME FOR YOURSELF
    It doesn’t matter how busy the holidays are for you, you need to take some time each day to do something that makes you happy. Even if you only manage to get to bed a little earlier, that’s more than enough. You aren’t a robot after all. You’re going to have to recharge your batteries somehow, someway, every single day.
  4. Find the JOY
    This happy, joyful season is sometimes more stressful than any other time of the year. Set your reminder 3 times a day and intentionally creates joy in your life. It can be as small as drinking a cup of hot chocolate or dance to your favourite song. You should try to find those tiny bits of joy.
  5. APPRECIATE everything you have
    Treasure every moment of this season. Be grateful for the smallest things. See the bigger picture and notice that there are always people that have less than you. Move your focus from material stuff to the more important things, like the people you have in your life. Gratitude turns what we have into enough.

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