Shift Your Focus And Create A Happy Marriage

“What You Focus On, You Create More Of.”

“You Give Power To What You Focus On.”

“What You Focus On Grows.”

There are so many of these “FOCUS” quotes, but it all circles back to one truth.

The truth is:

What You Focus On Will Create Your Result

This truth counts for your marriage as well. I remember when my marriage was “not so happy,” My focus was indeed on the wrong things. I had spent so much time thinking about how terrible my husband was. I was occupied by thoughts on how to pay him back for his behaviour. My negative thoughts about him had become my focus.

What does our brain do if we focus on something (positive or negative)? It starts looking for some evidence to support the thoughts. Oh yes, your brain will find the evidence. I could not find any good anymore in my husband. He could have done something positive and great for our marriage, but I would have created a negative thought around his actions. Like the one time he had brought me some flowers. I was so upset and wondered: “What does he want from me now?”

There was no way that my husband could have won the battle against me and my thoughts, as my focus was: “That he is not a good husband.”

In my “old” life (before I had turned around my marriage to happy and beautiful), I did not know how powerful my thoughts were. I didn’t know that if I change my thoughts (my focus), I can change my life. But subconsciously, I’ve changed my thoughts and my whole life had changed. Not only my marriage changed, but my finances, parenting, work environment, everything had changed for the better.

Today my focus is on having a Happy, Fun, Loving marriage, which is exactly how I spend my energy daily.

I create a loving atmosphere in my home.

  • I stopped bad-mouthing my husband and start to speak fondly of him.
  • I give him hugs and kisses the whole day long.
  • I support him in all he is doing.
  • I listen to him when he talks.
  • I adore him.
  • I love him unconditionally.I want to ask you this question:What Impact Will That Have On Your Marriage If You Shift Your Focus?

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