The Only Way To Change Your Marriage Is To Start With You

You Have To Be A Happy Individual Before You Can Make Somebody Else Happy 

Be honest with yourself, do you love yourself the way you are right now? We expect our husbands to love us, even when we don’t love ourselves.  

If you do not love who you are, then you change that. If you don’t like your marriage, then change that as well. But change starts with you. 

A tough lesson to learn in relationships is that we cannot change or control others. The only thing we can change and control is ourselves. 

If you want to change, start with your thoughts. After your thoughts begin to change, your feelings will change and then your actions. It will result in a YOU that you will love. A healthier mindset leads to a more positive perspective, which will result in an amazing you. 

I struggled a long time in my marriage and became very unhappy and depressed. It was not until I took the initiative to change that things started to get better.  

I started with my outside appearance first. I took more time putting together outfits and started an exercise routine. Yes, I said it – if you want to feel good, look good! 

Then I took on hobbies I enjoyed, such as painting with friends.  

I got back on my spiritual path and worked on my relationship with God. Bringing myself closer to God made me feel enlightened. 

I started feeling more worthy of who I am, it resulted in developing more positive habits. I started loving myself again. I notice I wasn’t that angry anymore. I was calm and in control of my life. My actions were lovable and kind. 

The result of all of this was that I felt good and happy. I also started to have more fun. Philip was falling in love with me again. These changes made me more fun-loving and enjoyable to be around. He loved the new me. 

I made these changes for myself, but these changes created a more positive life all around.  

If you want a happy marriage, start with yourself – be happy again.

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