Treat Your Spouse With Kindness

“Kind words are like honey - sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.”  

-Proverbs 16:24  


Kindness is an essential aspect of any marriage and should be made apparent throughout the day. Being kind means being considerate, friendly, affectionate, and gentle. Now ask yourself, are you all these things in your marriage?  


Early on in my marriage, I was not kind. It was evident in the way that I had talked to my husband. The words that I had used were harsh and nasty. I had tried to hurt my husband as much as I could. I actually feel embarrassed now to say that.   


I seldom did something nice for him. It was like we were living two separate lives. He was doing his thing, and I did mine.  


Today it is different. I am very conscious about the way I talk to my husband. I make sure to use lovable words. I go out of my way to spoil him and do kind things for him, and it is really effortless to do it for him.  


What had changed? I had realized that he is a nice guy, and if I lose him, I will not find another like him. By changing my thoughts towards him to positive thoughts, I changed my attitude towards him. Which had changed my actions, and the result is an amazing marriage.  


There are many things you can do in your relationship that can make you a kinder wife.   


1. Compliment him 
Tell him that you love something about him. Like for example that he is a friendly guy, and you love that about him. It will make him feel good about himself. It will also allow him to see how kind you can be with your words.   

2. Acts of Service 
Offer to do things for him. Acts of service do not go unnoticed. You do not have to do anything big or grand. Cooking up his favorite meal or cleaning his office are perfect ways to show him you care. He will be so appreciative that you took the time to care for him.   

3. Gift giving. 
Everyone loves to receive a gift from their significant other. Again, it doesn’t have to be a big gift or a gift that costs too much. It can be as small as getting him his favorite snack or writing him a cute note. This will show him that you think of him and want to show him how much you care.  


All of these acts will show your kind spirit and will make him love you even more! This will do wonders for your relationship and create trust between you and your husband. He will see that you are someone who will consider his feelings and needs. He will also see you as generous and caring. Most of all, he will see you as the kind and beautiful soul you are.  

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