Resolve your Relationship Issues 

 - Learn the skills to have a joyful, fulfilling marriage

*** Your first session is valued at $250. But I will happily waive it for you if you decide to join any of my other marriage-transforming programs.

What's In Your First Marriage Counselling Session

  • I'll attentively listen to the struggles you're facing in your marriage and work together with you to uncover the underlying issues causing these problems.
  • I'll help you tackle some of your most pressing marriage issues with honesty, gentleness, and a non-judgmental approach.
  • Together, we'll develop a plan and timeline to address your major relationship concerns, leading the way for a fulfilling and joyful marriage.

Marriage Counselling Helps If You Experience...

  • Feeling emotionally apart and have no common goal
  • Going to bed angry or sleeping in separate bedrooms
  • Lack of interest in physical intimacy
  • Feeling anxious or feeling constantly on edge
  • Being left out (or leaving your spouse out) of important life decisions, such as buying a car or changing careers
  • Having the same argument over and over, or the argument emerging in different forms
  • Chronic stressors - infertility, illness, relocation, or parenting challenges
  • A traumatic event, like a job loss, sick child, etc
  • Substance misuse and poor coping strategies
  • A serious breach of trust, like an emotional or sexual affair, and you are wondering how to move forward
  • Feelings of bitterness and resentment about past hurts
  • No longer sharing your life dreams or goals with each other
  • Wishing for the ways things used to be
  • Wondering when you will feel joy again

What People say


There are many wonderful coaches - truly helpful and amazing people, but Erika belongs in a very small subset of that group: the rare and magical coaches. Thank you, Erika, for changing my life for the better!


If you are looking for a kind, caring, smart, brilliant, and encouraging coach, then look no further.  She is the best.  Thanks, Erika, for everything


I'm excited about my future and I hope to continue to work with Erika. I enjoy Erika’s refreshing, uplifting and encouraging personality while she is busy fine tuning my life.