Your Marriage Is Most Likely In Very Good Shape

Based on the results of your assessment, it appears that your relationship is filled with love, respect, and a healthy consideration for your individuality.

Whether you are newly married, or have been together for decades, your relationship is built on a solid foundation and is prepared to stand the test of time.

But, it's important to never become complacent. As time goes by, we can get a bit too settled in our day-to-day that we forget to take time to truly appreciate our spouses and celebrate our lives together. The wedding may be over, but the celebration of your love never needs to end.

The good news is that it doesn’t take much to show our partners just how much they mean to us - ask about their day, make them a favourite meal, help out with a chore when you know they’re stressed, let them choose what to watch on Netflix (even if you really are not interested).

We, as humans, don’t need grand gestures, although they are nice, we need to feel connected, valued, and understood. So, make it a priority to spend time with your partner.

You may live together, but are you really living together? Have a date night - make it consistent, find a hobby you love to do together, plan a trip and get excited for the future. The options are endless and so fun to explore together.

Most importantly - be together. Check in regularly to make sure you and your partner are on the same track, identify any lingering issues, and resolve them immediately.

Always remember that conflict is an opportunity to strengthen your relationship, so, before any small differences or arguments grow into something damaging, connect with your spouse and tackle these issues head on.

If you need help maintaining your marriage, or are interested in a tune-up, there’s never a bad time for marriage counselling. I’m here and ready to help in whatever way you need. 

Resolve Your Relationship Issues & 

Learn The Skill to a Joyful, fulfilling marriage

- the Christian way

*** Your first is valued at $250. But I will happily waive it for you if you decide to join any of our other marriage-transforming programs.

What's In Your First Marriage Counselling Session

  • I'll attentively listen to the struggles you're facing in your marriage and work together with you to uncover the underlying issues causing these problems.
  • I'll help you tackle some of your most pressing marriage issues with honesty, gentleness, and a non-judgmental approach.
  • Together, we'll develop a plan and timeline to address your major relationship concerns, leading the way for a fulfilling and joyful marriage.

Marriage Counselling Helps If You Experience...

  • No longer feeling close or like you have a common goal
  • Going to bed angry or sleeping in separate bedrooms
  • Lack of interest in physical intimacy
  • Feeling anxious or like you’re constantly on edge
  • Being left out (or leaving your spouse out) of important life decisions, such as buying a car or changing careers
  • Having the same argument over and over, or the argument emerging in different forms
  • Chronic stressors, like infertility, illness, relocation, or parenting challenges
  • A traumatic event, like a job loss, sick child, etc
  • Substance misuse and poor coping strategies
  • A serious breach of trust, like an emotional or sexual affair, and you are wondering how to move forward
  • Feelings of bitterness and resentment about past hurts
  • No longer sharing your life dreams or goals with each other
  • Wishing for the ways things used to be
  • Wondering when you will feel joy again

Hi, I'm Erika

For over 20 years I have been providing relationship coaching and counselling to couples who have faced every challenge possible, be it infidelity, illness, trauma, financial stressors, or simply just not getting along. My motivation is knowing that intense, pure love is at the heart of each and every one of those relationships and that by making simple changes and following a few guiding principles, love can be restored to greatness and made even better than before. Dreams do come true. I know this, I’ve seen it happen with my clients, and I’ve made it happen for myself.

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There are many wonderful coaches - truly helpful and amazing people, but Erika belongs in a very small subset of that group: the rare and magical coaches. Thank you, Erika, for changing my life for the better!


If you are looking for a kind, caring, smart, brilliant, and encouraging coach, then look no further.  She is the best.  Thanks, Erika, for everything


I'm excited about my future and I hope to continue to work with Erika. I enjoy Erika’s refreshing, uplifting and encouraging personality while she is busy fine tuning my life.

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