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Erika Botha, communication specialist, author, and speaker, guides unhappy couples to strengthen their emotional and physical connection.

Is This You?

  • Communication does not exist
  • I don't trust him/her
  • Endless arguments
  • Stressors: Financial, Parenting, Infidelity, Sex, Drugs

If Marriage Problems Such As Communication, Trust, And Arguments Are Left Un-Resolved,

Serious Relationship Consequences May Arise

  • Emotional distance
  • Resentment and bitterness
  • Further deterioration of trust
  • Escalation of conflicts
  • Decreased marital satisfaction
  • No physical intimacy
  • Potential separation or divorce

It's essential to remember that every relationship is unique, and the outcomes will depend on various factors.

However, it's generally advisable to address and resolve marriage problems proactively to prevent further deterioration and increase the chances of restoring a healthy and fulfilling relationship.

Seeking professional help, such as marriage counseling, can provide valuable guidance and support in navigating these challenges.

Erika Botha Marriage Counselling Solves Emergent Relationship Issues & Restore Marriage Satisfaction

  • Experience genuine, safe communication with your spouse, where you feel deeply heard and understood
  • Revitalize a relationship that has become dull or stagnant
  • Gain clarity on whether to continue in your relationship or consider other options
  • Address unresolved issues from your childhood that are hindering your ability to be a supportive partner and parent
  • Identify and overcome the triggers that lead to conflict in your relationship
  • Engage in open, secure conversations about any topic, while maintaining a strong connection with your partner
  • Feel genuinely loved, possibly for the first time, by discovering your personal love language and living it to the fullest
  • Accomplish your relationship goals with a comprehensive plan that is tailored to your needs
  • Fulfill your needs for both physical and emotional intimacy
  • Learn effective strategies for expressing your desires and receiving the love you deserve, rather than feeling powerless
  • Eliminate negativity, retaliation, reactivity, anger, and blame from your marriage through our proven formula for detoxification
  • Heal the devastating impact of infidelity and work towards reconciliation
  • Establish new rituals to infuse romance back into your relationship
  • Transform negative energy in five minutes or less

Is my marriage even fixable at this point?

I firmly believe that there was a reason you chose your partner and that conflicts in relationships are opportunities for personal growth.

You married the RIGHT person not the WRONG person, and we have shown 100s of couples just like you- for over a decade now- how this is factually true!

I am here to assist individuals who are fully committed to doing whatever it takes to mend their most significant relationship—their marriage.

My comprehensive solutions address and resolve various marriage problems effectively.

Revitalize Your Marriage Now

Embark on a transformative journey to reshape your marriage, empowering you to overcome the obstacles hindering your ideal relationship.

  • Master crucial skills like effective communication (including active listening), conflict resolution, perspective checking, forgiveness, and much more
  • Uncover and implement innovative techniques for engaging with your spouse, leveraging your unique strengths and weaknesses
  • Rekindle the flames of emotional and sexual intimacy as you rediscover each other's hearts
  • Confront and conquer detrimental traits that hinder your relationship, such as jealousy, anger, narcissism, self-righteousness, selfishness, and low self-image or self-esteem

Let’s remove these burdens. You deserve to live in joy and happiness, and you need this ASAP.

Hi, I'm Erika

For almost 20 years I have been providing Christian marriage counselling and coaching to couples who have faced every challenge possible, be it: 

  • infidelity,
  • illness,
  • trauma,
  • financial stressors,
  • parents in-law
  • or simply just not getting along. 

My motivation stems from believing that deep, pure love exists in every relationship.

We can restore and enhance that love to surpass its previous greatness with simple changes and guiding principles.

I've witnessed dreams become reality time and time again. I've seen it happen with my clients and experienced it firsthand in my own life.

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Will my insurance cover the cost?

I am not a psychologist. I am a life coach who specializes in relationships.

Many insurance policies include coverage for life coaching services under the "wellness benefit." However, it's important to reach out to your insurance provider directly to ascertain whether your specific policy offers such coverage. They will have the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding your coverage and benefits.

You may want to inquire with your HR department to determine if your organization offers a life coach benefit for employees. Some companies provide this type of benefit to support their employees' well-being and personal development. Contacting your HR department will provide you with accurate information about the specific benefits available to you through your employer.

Do you coach in person or online?

I provide coaching services both online and in-person in Oakville. For the marriage retreat, all the sessions are conducted in person.

When can we expect a transformation in our marriage?

The timeline for noticing a change in your marriage after undergoing marriage counseling can vary depending on various factors such as the specific issues being addressed, the level of commitment from both partners, and the effectiveness of the counseling sessions.

While it is difficult to predict an exact timeframe, it is common for couples to start experience a positive shift after the first session. It is important to remember that every relationship is unique, and progress may occur at different rates for different couples.

Patience, open communication, and active participation in the counseling process can contribute to a more successful outcome.

My spouse is reluctant to attend counseling with me, what can I do?

If your spouse is reluctant to attend counseling with you, it can be challenging. However, there are still some steps you can take to address the situation:

  1. Communicate openly: Express your feelings and concerns to your spouse about the importance of counselling for your relationship. Emphasize that you value their participation and believe it can positively impact both of you.
  2. Educate them about counselling: Provide information about the benefits of couples counseling and how it can help improve communication, resolve conflicts, and strengthen the relationship. Share success stories or testimonials to alleviate any reservations they may have.
  3. Offer alternatives: If your spouse is hesitant about traditional counselling, suggest alternative options such as online counselling, relationship workshops, or self-help resources like books or articles. These alternatives might be more appealing or less intimidating to them.
  4. Seek individual counseling: If your spouse continues to refuse couples counseling, consider seeking individual therapy for yourself. This can provide you with support, guidance, and strategies to navigate your relationship challenges more effectively.
  5. Focus on personal growth: Dedicate time and effort to self-reflection and personal development. By working on yourself, you can contribute positively to the dynamics of your relationship, even if your spouse is not actively involved in counselling.

Remember, ultimately, both partners need to be willing to participate for counselling to be most effective. If your spouse remains unwilling, it may be helpful to seek the guidance of a relationship coach or counselor to explore your options and find ways to navigate the challenges in your relationship.

How do I choose the best marriage counsellor?

Choosing the best marriage counsellor/coach for your needs is an important decision that can greatly impact the success of your counselling experience. Here are some factors to consider when selecting a marriage counselor/coach:

  1. Qualifications and expertise: Consider their educational background, training, and experience working specifically with couples. A counsellor/coach with specialized knowledge and expertise in marriage counselling is likely to be better equipped to help you.
  2. Approach and philosophy: Different counselors may have different therapeutic approaches and philosophies. Some may focus on specific techniques or modalities, while others may have a more integrative or eclectic approach. It's important to find a counselor whose approach resonates with you and your partner's values and goals for counseling.
  3. Compatibility and rapport: Building a strong therapeutic relationship is crucial for effective counseling. Look for a counsellor/coach with whom both you and your partner feel comfortable, understood, and respected. A good counsellor should be empathetic, non-judgmental, and able to create a safe and supportive environment for both of you.
  4. Specialization: Consider whether there are specific issues or challenges in your relationship that you want to address. Some counsellors specialize in certain areas such as infidelity, communication problems, intimacy issues, or blended families. If you have a particular concern, it may be beneficial to find a counselor who has experience in that area.
  5. Recommendations and reviews: Seek recommendations from trusted sources, such as friends, family, or healthcare professionals. You can also look for reviews or testimonials online to get an idea of other couples' experiences with a particular counsellor or coach. Keep in mind that every couple is unique, so what works for others may not necessarily work for you, but it can still be a helpful starting point.
  6. Practical considerations: Consider practical factors such as location, availability, session fees, and insurance coverage. Online counselling is very convenient . Marriage counselling is an ongoing process, so it's important to find a counsellor whose availability and fees align with your needs and budget.

Remember that the success of marriage counselling depends on both the counsellor's expertise and the commitment and effort you and your partner put into the process. Trust your instincts and take the time to find a counsellor who is the right fit for you and your partner.

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