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Christian marriage counsellor, Communication Specialist, Author and Speaker, Erika Botha, guides couples through marriage counselling and coaching to reconnect emotionally and physically.

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From the brink of divorce to a happy marriage, I share my story on how my husband and I restored our marriage by adhering to simple Christian principles and ground rules.

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Hi, I'm Erika

For over 20 years I have been providing Christian marriage counselling and coaching to couples who have faced every challenge possible, be it:

  • infidelity,
  • communication,
  • trust,
  • financial stressors,
  • parenting,
  • household chores distribution
  • or simply just not getting along.

With some simple behavioral changes and learning new communication skills, we can restore and enhance that love.

Dreams do come true. I've helped hundreds of couples to achieve it.

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    I will listen to the struggles you are facing in your marriage to uncover the underlying issues causing these problems.
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    I'll coach you by using an honesty, gentleness, and a non-judgmental approach.
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    Together, we'll develop a plan to resolve your relationship concerns.

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What People say


Erika got our relationship back on track. She taught us how to communicate properly and she helped us sort through our problems in a loving way. This was a great retreat. I will definitely recommend her. Thank you Erika.


Erika was very helpful in figuring out what we needed as a couple to have a better stronger relationship.


Erika's approach is soft and kind but can be tough when needed, which is good.


Erika was very professional and kind. Listened and knew what our problems were and gave us proper advice to help our future together.


Erika has shown us a great plan for the future, she has given us tasks to complete as she kept us accountable.


I thought life as I know it was over, but I learned that I have not lived my best life yet. Things turned out better than before and I grew so much in myself, my marriage and my God.


I was very impressed with her results and information. I'm very pleased with our weekend session. Thank you.


Erika really does care about you, and only wants what's best for the both of us. She has so many tools that helped us grow as a couple.


Erika has a kind heart with the goal to make the marriage or relationship work in the long run.

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marriage counseling ebook about 10 secrets to a joyful marriage

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